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19 Apr 2011, 07:46 AM
I just bought a dropshipping package from a site called UKDropshipGroup.com. Before I signed up it sounded legitimate and that I could make a profit, but now I have to pay another fee. Have I been ripped off?

19 Apr 2011, 08:11 AM
I am sorry to inform you that you are yet another victim of the uk dropship group scam. More info about another scam site he runs at Dropshipland Scam. UKDropshipGroup.com is part of a network of scam dropshipping websites, including a forum and a few blogs, set up to publish fake reviews about middlemen dropshipping websites. The scheme starts by pretending to help people who are starting out, and who are therefore more susceptible to marketing messages. They then rob you of your money making you think you are buying an opportunity, when in reality the opportunity is only theirs to take your money. An orchestrated rip off.

The scam begins by asking you to pay a small fee, usually in the range of £15-£30 for a website. What they don't tell you is that you have to pay more money for hosting and a domain name, which quickly adds up to almost £100... You then suddenly realise that the prices you were shown before sign up are fake, and that products are priced a LOT higher and WELL ABOVE eBay and online RETAIL prices! Yes, you read correctly. There are many people who have fallen for this scam, you won't find a single success story and the majority of the people who fall victim never even manage to sell a single product. The prices are simply way too high. On top of all this, you are asked to pay large hidden hosting fees for websites with a terrible design and that nowadays you can obtain for free and with much better appearance. You don't find out about all this mess until you have submitted your first payment and an agreement form.

If you are on a self destruction streak and willing to pay the second larger fee, beware that you will be signing up to a recurrent contract which you will be legally bound to pay for the full year. You will also only get products that are marked up so high you would be lucky to make a single sale. There are thousands of people who have been ripped off by this scam, mainly because the same company owns its own forum and blogs. They start by giving what appears to be good advice, then as soon as you learn a thing or two about selling you will quickly realise how they have scammed you.

19 Apr 2011, 08:17 AM
That is horrible, thanks for telling me! Are any of the sites UKDropShipgroup directs me to, legitimate?

19 Apr 2011, 08:34 AM
Probably not. UKDropShipgroup.com owns a forum and a few blogs where they actively promote their schemes to trap as many newbies as possible. The site creates fake users and posts fake positive feedback about itself, therefore be very careful what you read. You will not find any negative comments on their forum and blogs because they are actively deleted by the site administrator. There are also websites that UKDropShipgroup will direct you to in order to get products, such as Arb-wholesale.co.uk, which also has hundreds of complaints online.

I understand why you thought it was a good idea at the time, but believe me do not use this or any other sites UKDropShipgroup.com recommends. They aren't just a middleman, they are a middleman's middleman. Basically they are not a dropshipper, they use a company that uses a dropshipper, and at each stage they are taking away your profits by charging you VERY high product prices, and on top of that they add joining fees and hosting fees and domain name fees etc etc etc.

Do not believe any of the price lists you receive from them, the prices are all fake or for products that have not been in stock for months and never will be. Have a read at the following links for additional information on what you have gotten yourself into:

UKDropshipGroup.com Review - Drop Ship Rip Off (http://www.wholesaleforum.com/discuss/dropshipping-discussion-6/ukdropshipgroup-com-review-drop-ship-rip-off-1613/)
eSources.co.uk gets attacked by UK dropshipping scams after exposing them (http://www.wholesaleforum.com/discuss/wholesale-discussion-24/esources-esources-co-uk-scam-reviews-anyone-used-them-scam-1101/index3.html#post_message_58302)
UKDROPSHIPGROUP.COM Complaints – Blind Subscription — The Worst Way To Source Products (http://www.dropshippingscams.co.uk/ukdropshipgroup-scam)

19 Apr 2011, 08:58 AM
I am in the process of looking for a dropshipping website and almost used UKDropShipgroup.com. Now that I am on the hunt again, how can I make sure other dropshipping websites aren’t going to scam me?

19 Apr 2011, 09:06 AM
Most of the time, if you have to pay for dropshipping on a website, you are being scammed. It should not cost anything for a site to dropship for you, unless that site is a middleman. In that case, the site hides prices from you on purpose, sends you a fake price list, or is going to mark up prices on products at the last minute.

Here are some ways you can check if a dropshipping website is legitimate:

● Ask for full price lists. Make sure you are satisfied with the profit margins. Make sure the products are in stock, and not just in the price list to persuade you to part from your money.
● If the site promises something that is too good to be true or that you only have to pay a one time fee, stay away.
● Do extensive research about the website on sites other than ones related to it.

04 Jun 2011, 10:02 PM
UKDropShipgroup.com is there anything being done to stop this company carry doing this, we found that they set the prices, and the postage for our Website on the equipment they said for us to promote, then when we sold something they indicated we should now sign-up to onlinedropship which we thought we were, then to find product we sold at £13.66 inc of postage for us to get shipped to Customer would cost us £10.89 + £3 PP as we already lost 66p on paypal we would have been paying for the Priv

07 Jun 2011, 02:58 PM
Hi Quest,

Welcome to Dropship Forum

Sorry to read you are the nth victim, the only way to stop them is to post your experience on as many forums as you can find.

The fraudsters behind ukdropshipgroup are very clever, they know exactly what start ups are looking for, and fool them with all sorts of fake claims. You don't need to throw your money away to learn the lesson, just read online reviews about ukdropshipgroup (excluding the ones on their uk dropship forums of course) and you will quickly understand why all their self made hype is worth observing, but never signing up to. There is a very revealing review at:

1. Ukdropshipgroup scam creates smear campaigns against websites that have exposed them (http://www.dropshippingscams.co.uk/dropshipland-com-reviews-review-scam-spam-forum-telephone-number-complaints-and-fraudsters)
2. Why Ukdropshipgroup has created fake blogs and forums (http://www.wholesaleforum.com/discuss/wholesale-discussion-24/esources-esources-co-uk-scam-reviews-anyone-used-them-scam-1101/)

Serenity designs
10 Nov 2011, 01:10 AM
Wow great info ...I'm so glad that I'm sceptical about stuff that sounds too good to be true... Thanks to you all. I will not be doing business with ukdropshipgroup.. I just wish I knew where to start without getting scammed..But I will be asking questions here on this forum before I agree to anything..

02 May 2012, 03:49 PM
I used this. They set up the website but the prices are terrible. You will be lucky if you sold couple items every few months. I had to advertise the website, which took more time and money, and no way justifies paying. Overall I am down over $450... Not a business.

PS. ukdropshipgroup fixes prices, there is no way to change prices so I was stuck with the prices way above msrp. This system might have worked back in the days but today it's a dead horse and completely surpassed.

18 May 2012, 04:18 PM
One of the ways they try to squeeze more out of you is to ask for extra fees for almost everything you do on the site. The £79.95 hidden hosting fee is such a ridiculous and underhand demand. Reputable companies provide a comprehensive website package that mentions hosting fees clearly. These cheats lie even on such a basic piece of information. They start by claiming to start a website for a mere £15 and then begin the sequence of extra charges on one silly pretext after another. Just keep away from these scammers. Always make sure you run a comprehensive check on your shortlisted supply sources and take professional advice before you commit financially.

26 Sep 2012, 08:32 AM
Have you also been scammed by ukdropshipgroup? Go to moneyclaim.gov.uk to file your claim.

26 Sep 2012, 10:23 AM
Not dropshipping : ( Sites are very poor and too expensive.

27 Sep 2012, 12:15 PM
These are the morons that are creating smear campaigns against esources.co.uk :D What a bunch of idiots, if only I had known sooner..

29 Sep 2012, 06:14 PM
Have you ever wondered why nobody mentions an ecommerce website on his fake forum :D Itís him, that muppet of the owner, posting using different usernames. Biggest dropshipping con around in the UK, beware.

29 Oct 2012, 04:53 PM
Fake site, not a dropshipper, fake claims throughout, BEWARE!!!