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19 Apr 2011, 08:05 AM
Can anyone help me? I was looking at DVDDropship.com, but the claims made look awkward. They list latest DvDs on their home page, but I read somewhere that they only sell very obscure DvDs that almost nobody wants. Also their shipping appears to be very expensive. Can anyone tell me if it's a scam so to speak?

19 Apr 2011, 08:15 AM
I have bad news for you. What you read is correct, if you join them and find out exactly what is true, DVDDropship.com will not refund your money, and there is no way you can force it to.

Other problems with the site include:

1. The DVDs you are selling are outdated and overpriced. It will be difficult for you to make a sale.
2. It posts fake and untrue comments about itself that make potential customers believe it is legitimate and profitable.
3. If you do get an order for a DVD, you will probably find that DVDDropship does not have it stocked. This is the same for many products on its site, which leads one to believe that it does not actually stock any of the items it sells.

19 Apr 2011, 08:32 AM
Ok thanks, yes that was my suspicion, I also found out that they charge more than they say they are going to.

19 Apr 2011, 09:02 AM
DVDDropship.com is related to a string of scam dropshipping sites all intended to do the same thing: get your money without giving you any return. They all charge a registration fee, which they claim is one time. What you don’t know is that you then have to pay to get a website and domain name. Additionally, your membership with the site will be automatically renewed every year.

It would not be so bad if you were making a profit off the dropshipping website, but you will definitely not be with the way items are marked up.

19 Apr 2011, 09:08 AM
How can I be sure I am not ripped off by the next dropshipping website I find?

19 Apr 2011, 09:15 AM
A legitimate dropshipper will never ask you to pay a fee because it should cost nothing for it to dropship for you. Also, ask the dropshipping website for a product list so you can see what items you will be selling and at what prices. If the prices are similar to the ones on DVDDropship.com in that they are exorbitant, then you will know that the site is a scam. You also have to be careful with scam dropshipping sites sending out fake price lists. The bottom line is don't pay for a dropshipper.

My only other suggestion would be to do a lot of review reading and research about the site. If there are too many good reviews on one site, check to see if it is associated with the dropshipping site itself. If it is, you can safely assume the dropshipping website is posting comments about itself, which is never legitimate.