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21 Feb 2011, 07:40 PM
If you have ever wondered why you struggle to find profitable drop shippers, here is the answer:

Real drop shippers are not easy to find. Most of the ones found on search engines are middlemen. Leaches that place themselves between you and the real wholesale drop shippers. They do it so that they can ask you for money to join worthless opportunities, and to make even more margin by selling you overpriced products.

They are known as the persuaders, the men with many tongues that will tell you anything you want to hear, just so that you will do all the hard work for them. Yes, for them, because they will try to get you to sell their overpriced products while they sit back and cash in your joining fees.

Don't be fooled by reviews you read online. Middlemen drop shippers have plenty of time in their hands, which they invest in creating blogs, forums and fake sites to persuade you that they are selling an opportunity. Drop shipping can work, but only IF you have the right sources and only IF you follow the right advice. Amongst other things, we have invested our time and money to help our members access the best drop shipping resources on the web today. They won't just give you access to the broadest selection of legitimate drop shippers that supply at true wholesale prices, they will also give you priceless insight into the drop shipping industry, and on how to make drop shipping work for you:

eSources (https://www.esources.co.uk/ap/1/)

- This is the Internet's largest database of verified wholesalers and drop shippers, over 3,000 niche and mass market products distributors that will help you get started in any niche today, the best sources from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia and more;
- Over 72,000 verified wholesalers, distributors, importers and manufacturers
- Free Courses on how to source and succeed on eBay (67 value)
- Free eCommerce Website with free hosting for life included, ready to accept PayPal and Google Checkout payments (100 value)
- Free eBay Business Handbook with yearly membership
- Free eBay Market Research Credits

Plus discover how a new online retailer is making over 3million in turnover by using just one drop shipper revealed by eSources (full case study available to eSources yearly members).

Members Feedback:
- "A huge edge over other directories." Richard Robertson, London, UK
- "sources I would never have found without subscribing" Simone Chalmers, Orkney, UK
- "amazed at the amount of information now available to me" Pat Dawkins, Haverhill, UK
- "After subscribing to other wholesale sites, I found esources to be by far the best." Emma Turville, UK
- "the service and response has been impeccable" Darryn Rex, Woodstock, UK
- "I am getting every penny's worth. 10/10" Debbie Shariati, Cleveland, UK
- "It has been very hard trying to find a stable and professional wholesale directory" Rahul Odedra, Ashford, UK
- "after one year looking for the real deal through other sources to no avail, I found them in one week thanks to you" Chris Cook, Milborne Port, UK
- "just what I was needing to take my ebay shop forward" Jeanette Rae, Stranraer, UK
- "invaluable ... a big thank you" Denise Laurence, Lewisham, UK
- "best thing I have ever done. Although I have been in business since 1993 and have many contacts, your service is well worth the money it costs" Graham Townsend, Norwich, UK
- "absolutely fantastic" Andrew Lockett, Pontefract, UK
- "the best money I have spent in a long time" Julie Acton, Sollershope, UK
- "your service is outstanding" Kevin Kearney, Castlerea, Ireland
- "absolutley delighted. In 10 days I have researched, ordered and started selling! Great resource!" Christine Hepworth, Huddersfield, UK
- "the best decision I have made for my business" Shammas Raza, Keighley, UK
- "10 out of 10 ... the most comprehensive directory of wholesalers and dropshippers I have come across" Paul Matty Martin, Ilford, UK
- "I've joined several Paid Memberships ... eSources is for me the Best ... has more of everything I've been looking for ... easier to use and easier to organize." Patricia Schultz, Blessing, USA
- "I have found esources to be the best wholesale directory yet ... thanks for a great website" Justeen Higgins, Nottingham, UK
- "has made my business a lot more profitable" Muhammed Babajide, London, UK
- "the most dynamic and comprehensive wholesale directory I have come across on the internet ... well done" Jerome Meikle, Bromley, UK
- "your sources are brilliant" Andrew Lockett, Pontefract, UK

View More Testimonials Here (https://www.esources.co.uk/ap/1/)

WorldWideBrands (http://www.worldwidebrands.com/?kbid=27064)

- Over 800 verified drop shippers from the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and China
- Over 8,000 verified wholesalers
- Free Video Courses
- Free Weekly Newsletter

Members Feedback:
"incredible information. Once I bought it, it only got better!" Henry Schomacker, USA
"It's an E-Commerce Owners Dream" Andy Jenkins, USA
"a great investment" Glenn F., USA
"If it wasn't for your web site I would still be working in my dead end job." Todd Levick, USA
"I owe a lot of my success to your product." Brent Hall, USA
"I am amazingly impressed by your site" Craig Gross, USA
"Your directory is amazing" Kristin Frederking, USA
"I love it" Matt Betourney, UK
"This is the best money I've ever spent." Susan, USA

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Wholesale Deals (https://www.wholesaledeals.co.uk/)

- Over 2,000 verified drop shippers from the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and China
- Over 70,000 verified wholesalers
- Over 3,000 profitable sources to sell on eBay today

Members Feedback:
"Absolutely love wholesale deals so far and definitely will extend my subscription. Helped me to get my business running. Thank you" Michal Rosik, UK
"Thank you so much for your email - I am so relieved. Your service is very useful to my business." Lindsey Jones, UK
"Some few years ago I wanted to start a business but did not know where I could get a supplier. Coming across this site in my search has been an eye opener on the huge possibilities in times like these. I am grateful for the help I got at the start as my account had a few problems. I hope to use WholesaleDeals more often in the future. I have identified suppliers to build my business from. Once again, thank you. Merry Christmas and more success in 2011." Patricia Malikebu, UK

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Hienote (http://c7b12lqd6e-o3n55wco9wdcw71.hop.clickbank.net/) (Verified drop shippers from USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China)

- Over 1,000 verified drop shippers

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