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    Gadget dropshippers China - Dropship Cool Chinese Tech Gadgets


    I'm really happy to be here.

    Any help finding a good Chinese gadget supplier who will drop ship for me?

    Appreciate it!

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    Hi Coolit,

    Welcome to Dropship Forum

    Have a look at the following Chinese dropshippers of tech gadgets:To find many more verified drop shippers of gadgets from China and the rest of the globe, try the two largest UK online trade directories of verified drop ship suppliers eSources and Wholesale Deals. Both list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

    Have a look at the following sources:

    Chinese Drop Shippers of GadgetsEU Drop Shippers of GadgetsGlobal Drop Shippers of GadgetsYou could also hire a sourcing agent who can visit Chinese manufacturers on your behalf, to find the latest tech-gadgets on the Chinese market. By dealing with factories direct you can still benefit from drop shipping, while buying at some of the cheapest prices. Expect your agent to collude with the manufacturer, still you will be able to source at some of the cheapest prices and can later bypass the agent by visiting the manufacturers direct yourself. When you initiate your relationship with the agent, make sure the terms are outlined clearly, possibly by a contract; state clearly that you are looking for manufacturers who are willing to dropship.

    Large gadget retailers like Thinkgeek and Firebox have reached a level where they design their own gadgets and have them produced in quantity by Chinese manufacturers. If you have a good idea of your own, you might look into getting it patented and developed, although this will involve some investment of capital.

    Firebox also sells their products at wholesale, you could buy stock from Firebox and have it stored and handled by a fulfillment company, who can then drop ship single orders for you. Have a look at the following link from Firebox:Also read the following threads to find more information about sourcing gadgets:Hope this helps