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    Electrical Dropship Suppliers - Dropshippers of Electrical Goods


    I'm looking to set up a retail site selling electrical 'gizmos and gadgets'. This will be mainly but not specifically electrical items.

    Does anyone know any dropshipping providers?

    Any help and advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Tointon,

    Welcome to Dropship Forum

    Have a look at the following UK dropshippers of electrical products:
    • Drop Shipping
      Scream Wholesale is a specialised wholesaler and dropship supplier of a varied range of gadgets like home gadgets, office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, living room gadgets, bedroom gadgets, fun gadgets and other gadgets for girls and boys.
    • Gadget Dropshippers | Toys Dropship | Games Dropshipping
      The Toy Sack Company is a wholesale and dropship supplier of electrical gadgets such as iPod speakers, keychain mini speakers, magic indoor lights and keyboard input recording devices. They also supply audio visual gadgets, car gadgets, Christmas gadget items, remote control gadgets, and other useful gadgets.
    To find the best verified UK and global dropship suppliers of electrical products, we recommend using the three largest online trade directories of verified drop shippers:All three list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. Have a look at the following results:

    UK Suppliers and Dropshippers of Electrical Products:EU and other International Suppliers and Dropshippers of Electrical Products:The electrical industry is very saturated, especially when it comes to drop shipping. It is mandatory to think outside the box to find electrical products that fulfill a growing demand trend and, ideally, low competition.

    At the same time, dropshipping is particularly suited for this segment. The growing demand for electrical gadgets has resulted in constant innovations over the past few years. With the rapid improvement in technology, companies are launching new tech gadgets every other day, which makes stocking them less practical and more risky. Another advice is to market electrical gadgets that have a demand in multiple industries, for example from educational to corporate to entertainment.

    Entertainment electrical gadgets include portable movie players, iPods, video game consoles, mp3 players and other musical gadgets, digital and video cameras, remote control gadgets, and cell phones including smart phones, iPhones etc. Office gadgets consist of portable computers, tablets, laptops, cell phones, USB gadgets etc. Other types of electrical gadgets are home gadgets such as garden and kitchen gadgets, Eco-gadgets, outdoor gadgets, travel and small pocket gadgets, fun gadgets, light gadgets and lots more. Take your time to do an analysis of all available options before committing to marketing a specific gadget range.

    Another option is to take advantage of price arbitrage opportunities between Amazon and eBay.

    Also consider that many companies and individuals are investing in solar energy powered products. If you are interested in marketing solar powered toys and gadgets, take a look at the following dropshipper:For more information on the latest developments and trends in the electrical industry, have a look at the following trade magazine: For more information about sourcing electrical products, see the following past discussions:To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers see:Hope this helps