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    Mens and Womens Clothing Dropshippers - EU and US Dropshippers of Apparel

    Hello everybody,

    First of all, let me say how grateful I am finding this forum. I started my research a few days ago on finding a dropshipping supplier.

    Can anyone tell me please a good, trusty, dropshipping supplier for all kind of clothes?

    I'm looking to dropship in Europe and USA.

    Has anyone worked with a supplier like that? If yes, can you please share with me?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Adrian,

    Welcome to Dropship Forum

    Have a look at the following dropshippers of Men’s and Women’s Clothing:Also try the three largest online trade directories of verified wholesale and dropship suppliers eSources, Wholesale Deals and Worldwide Brands to find many more verified trade suppliers of clothing from UK and the rest of the world. All three list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

    Have a look at the following sources:

    UK and EU Drop Shippers of Men’s and Women’s ClothingUS Drop Shippers of Men’s and Women’s ClothingIt's very important you keep up with the latest changes in men's fashion and menswear trends at every season. In the current season biker leather jackets, peated pants, camo and classic stripe prints, blue, metallic and yellow colors are trending in menswear. Whereas for women, crop tops, camo and floral prints, pinafores and apron dresses, delicate brocade jackets, pastel coats, frocks, shimmering pencil skirts, clear PVC, luxurious appliques, floral embroidery and intricate beading, black and white pattern graphics, checks or stripes are the current trending fashion features. Vibrant colors like orange, white, black, blue, green, corals, pastels, gold metallic and yellow are in demand.

    You should also attend upcoming fashion and clothing trade shows. For more insight into the fashion and clothing industry and to identify new trends, consider subscribing to the following trade publication: For more information about sourcing clothing, see the following past discussions:Hope this helps