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    thanks! I was also looking for this info. The sources are incredible, no wonder they get slandered. I was scammed a few times myself by dropship aggregators, I have learned the hard way that they are not dropshippers and their prices are terrible. I have decided I will never pay for a dropshipper unless I see full pricing details first.

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    Best Dropshippers Sources for 2024 - Recommendations

    Hi guys,

    I have been scammed by two dropshippers I found on a Google ad (I know it's my fault, I am not blaming anyone). Can someone please recommend the best websites to find real dropship suppliers that will not rip me off?



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    Hi Kara,

    Welcome to Dropship Forum

    Dropshipping is one of the most middlemen infested industries in the world, however if you are able to identify the real dropshippers from the fake you can make a very nice living from it. The most successful sellers have managed to create multi-million businesses using dropshipping, seems impossible but it's true. For example will surpass 1 billion in sales this year, and all through dropshipping. You should start by using the following dropship services, they have been around for a decade and offer thousands of verified sources to help you start on the right path in almost any niche, plus they protect you from dropship scams.

    1. eSources: Internet's largest resource of verified dropshippers (over 3,000) and verified wholesale distributors (over 140,000). Each supplier goes through a very strict verification process and is monitored constantly. These are the features included with membership:

    • Number of verified Wholesalers: 140,000+
    • Number of verified Dropshippers: 3,000+
    • Auctioneers Directory: 2,000+
    • Unlimited mobile responsive and PayPal enabled eCommerce stores, ready to support any dropshipper feed
    • Unlimited research reports: if you need more verified dropshippers, all you do is ask support (at no extra charge)
    • Free courses on trading and Importing
    • Market research tool
    • Free eBay Business Handbook with yearly premium buyer membership
    • Buyer Membership: Free membership and Premium membership access from 20, with 10k income guarantee when you join for a year.
    • Wholesaler Membership: Premium from 20 PM.

    2. Wholesale Deals: Wholesale Deals offers the classic dropshippers database (with over 130,000 verified wholesalers and dropshippers) as well as daily deals available from verified sources at up to 95% off current eBay and Amazon prices. It is the only directory that compares dropship deals prices to the final sales price on eBay and Amazon with new deals added daily. This unique feature allows free and premium members to evaluate the profitability of numerous daily deals even before contacting a supplier. If you are interested in sourcing dropship products which you know can earn you a profit on eBay and Amazon, then Wholesale Deals is the best directory to go for. Check out their features:

    • Number of verified Dropshippers: 1,000+
    • Number of verified Wholesalers: 120,000+
    • Verify the profitability of each wholesale deal by comparing the deal with the same item already sold on eBay or Amazon
    • Access to fresh wholesale and dropship deals at up to 95% off retail prices
    • Membership: Suppliers Database from 20.00(per month) - 60.00(yearly); Deals Database from 14.99(per month) - 44.99(yearly); Combo Database from 24.99(per month) - 79.99(yearly).
    • Money Back Guarantee: If an individual purchases a deal listed on Wholesale Deals website, and if it is not available on the supplier website, then they offer a money back guarantee.

    3. World Wide Brands: The internet's largest directory of American dropshippers and wholesalers which represents millions of top-level wholesale products from thousands of 100% Certified dropshippers and wholesalers. A highly recommended directory for advanced traders which provides verified listings with a powerful market research capability. It has a large resource of international dropship and wholesale sources. You can use World Wide Brands to identify hot selling eBay products, as well as to identify niche markets and upcoming trends.

    It produces a free weekly newsletter with great trading tips and strategies from expert guests and affiliated companies. Have a look at the features:

    • Number of verified Dropshippers: 690+ from USA, Canada and UK
    • Number of verified Wholesalers: 8,000+
    • The only USA directory of verified suppliers, helping you avoid scams
    • Free video courses
    • Free weekly newsletter which includes excellent trading tips and strategies
    • Lifetime Membership: $299.00

    4. SaleHoo: SaleHoo contains over 8000 verified legitimate suppliers including dropshippers, manufacturers, wholesalers and liquidators for every type of product from all over the world, including China and India. It allows members to share their experiences and examine supplier track records. Membership on SaleHoo also includes access to courses on importing and trading on eBay. Have a look at the features:

    • Market research software for analysing eBay product niches.
    • Number of verified suppliers: 8,000
    • Lifetime Membership: $67.00

    Hope this helps