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    Dropshipper for Women's Shoes US - Ladies Footwear Dropshipped


    I am in need of a drop shipper that sells women's shoes. Please help!



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    Hi Candice,

    Welcome to Wholesale Forum

    Have a look at the following US drop shippers of shoes:To find thousands of verified US and global drop shippers, including drop ship distributors of shoes, we recommend using the two largest online trade directories of verified drop ship suppliers eSources, and Worldwide Brands. Both list thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

    Have a look at the following sources:

    US Dropshippers of ShoesGlobal Dropshippers of ShoesShoes are the highest selling item amongst garments, therefore you should expect a lot of competition and you should focus on making your products and business stand out. If you want to establish a successful shoe selling business, you need to offer exclusive brands, or competitively priced unbranded shoes with attractive designs.

    Another way of obtaining exclusive brands, designs and styles and having them drop shipped to your customers is by contacting new designers and upcoming brands, and propose the idea of drop shipping to them.

    Most new designers and brands are actively looking for creative ways to market their shoes and are therefore always interested in new ways to showcase their products to a wider audience, especially if you can maintain their products market value rather than sell on price alone.

    Try contacting the following shoe designer who sells shoes at wholesale, and ask them about the possibility to work on a drop shipping basis:Also have a look at the following dutch producer of the brandname "Shabbies" which are already being sold successfully in Canada, you could discuss exclusive selling rights online for the US:Also consider sourcing from overseas drop shippers in order to obtain exclusivity. Many online shoe buyers are looking to buy shoes which are not yet available in the US.

    Also have a look at the following threads about shoes drop shippers:Hope this helps